Club History

History of the 125th Rotary Club

The year 1914, when the Rotary Club of Corpus Christi was organized, found the city with about 9,000 people. Signs of progress were everywhere. It was in this atmosphere of progress that discussions were held about organizing a Rotary Club in Corpus Christi. A committee had listed about 100 vocations being practiced in the city from which 40 men were selected as likely prospective Rotarians. An informal luncheon was held June 16, 1914 at the Nueces Hotel at which time Mr. C. H. Jenkins, Secretary of the San Antonio Rotary Club, explained the objects of Rotary. It was on that day that the Rotary Club of Corpus Christi was formed and officers were elected. It was the 125th Club chartered worldwide. There were thirty-six charter members.

Club members have left a lasting legacy in our community in several ways. A testimony to their efforts can be seen all around us. They commissioned the “Queen of the Sea” sculpture by Pompeo Coppini in 1914. In 1990 the Club had Dr. Ron Sullivan refurbish it in celebration of its 75th Anniversary. Furthermore, the Club erected the Town Clock in Heritage Park.
“Queen of the Sea” Sculpture by Pompeo Coppini


PAST PRESIDENTS PASSING THE GAVEL Top left: Henly Mitchell Fugate, Jr. (1967-68) Top Right: James R. Dinn (1968-69) Bottom: W. L. Dinn (1929-30)

The first Board of Directors included:
J. M. Nix, President
L. R Loving, Vice-President
Wm. G. Blake, Secretary
Gilbert McGloin, Treasurer
J. H. Bowman Jr., Sergeant At Arms
C. C. Womach, Director
H. W. Schaffer, Director
J. W. Pittman, Director
F. C. Allen, Director
W. Gibson, Director


Rotary Club - Corpus Christi