RYLA Information



Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA)

A Student Leadership Camp

February 2-4, 2018

Sponsored by The Rotary Club of Corpus Christi, District 5930 Rotary International



1.   What to Expect at Camp RYLA

Rotary Youth Leadership Award (RYLA) Camp Overview

o   What is RYLA

o   Overview of Program

o   Levels of RYLA Leadership Training

o   Testimonials of how RYLA impacts students and their community

Mission and Objectives Statement of RYLA

YouTube Video 2012 of Campers talking about their leadership training


2.   Key Player Roles

A.   Sponsoring Rotary Club President

  • Select a RYLA Coordinator for your local Club
  • Input into your Club Budget cost for sponsoring how many RYLA campers you will sponsor
  • Commit to meeting all RYLA deadlines for applications and fees due

Club Participation Form

B.  Sponsoring Club RYLA Coordinator

  • Familiarize yourself by reading the Handbook about the vales and merits of RYLA
  • Organize Club camper selection process – Decide what high schools to approach for possible applicants. Talk to High School Counselors about assisting in selecting students to be considered for an award.
  • Get applications to interested students to fill out and return as soon as possible
  • Monitor all RYLA deadlines for applications and fees
  • Immediately notify students selected to receive a RYLA award. Submit their application and fee by deadline to Rotary of Corpus Christi office. Give them your email or cell phone information so they can contact you with questions.
  • Select at least two students as Alternates in case your Primary campers can’t attend. Submit their applications at the same time but no fee for Alternates is required at this time.
  • Arrange transportation to from camp for the selected campers. Stay in touch with campers

RYLA Club Coordinator TO-DO List

Participant Selection Criteria for RYLA Campers

RYLA Coordinator Submission Checklist

C.   School Counselors

School Counselor To-Do List

Participant Selection Criteria for RYLA Campers

D.   Parents/Guardians of Applicant

  • Familiarize yourself with RYLA program knowing your child, if selected, will be receiving an Award from the local Rotary Club valued at over $300 to attend the student leadership camp. Student must commit
    in advance to attend this weekend.
  • Complete legibly and sign the following forms: Camper Application; Medical Release form; Photograph/Story Release form; Sexual Abuse Policy and Procedures form.

Camper’s Parent To-Do List

E.   Student Applicant

  • Fill out Application Forms within 2 weeks and return to your School Counselor /or Local Rotary Club RYLA Coordinator. Whoever contacted you initially about attending RYLA.
  • Discuss with Parents about RYLA and attending camp at Lake Corpus Christi outside of Corpus Christi. Have your Parents sign all forms needed for permission to attend.


3.   RYLA First-Year Camper Registration Forms

o   Camper Application

o   Medical Consent, Waiver and Release Form

o   Sexual Abuse Response Form

o   Photography/Story Release Form


4.   RYLA Registration Fees and Due Dates

  • RYLA is organized and run by Rotarian volunteers and held at a private camp. It is important that you meet all deadlines.  The registration and payment deadlines align with our commitment dates to Camp Zephyr to reserve dorm space, to allow them to order food, hire facilities staff based on an accurate count and distribution of male and female campers. We volunteer Rotarians also require accurate counts to finalize materials, build teams of Campers, Trailblazers and Counselors; assign responsibilities and assure a well-organized camp.  We do not have the manpower to send invoices.  We appreciate the hard work of District 5930 clubs supporting the RYLA experience.

RYLA Registration and Fee Due Dates Chart and Instructions


5.   What to Bring to RYLA Information and Maps

What to Bring to RYLA for Campers

RYLA Directions to Camp Zephyr, Mathis, Texas

RYLA Camp Zephyr Site Map


6. Contact Information

RYLA District 5930 Chair:
Jim Villaume                              361-688-1987 cell and emergency           jim@jvillaume.com

RYLA Registration Chair:
Christine Wisian                        361-779-6190 cell          christine.wisian@lexisnexisrisk.com

RYLA Program Chair:
Mary McQueen                          361-815-1157 cell                         mmcqueen2@delmar.edu

Rotary Club of Corpus Christi:
Lysa Chapman                          361-882-8672 office                             rotarycc@swbell.net

Camp Zephyr:
Office                                        361-547-2448                       151 FM 3162, Sandia, TX 78383

District 5930 Governor 2017-18:
Betty Ramirez-Lara                   956-683-5706


7.   TrailBlazer Information and Packet (by invitation only)

Frequently Asked Questions – Trailblazers

Parent Letter

TrailBlazer Application

Staff Leadership Commitment Form

Medical Release Form

Sexual Abuse Response Form

Photography/Story Release Form


8.   Counselor Information and Packet (by invitation only)

Frequently Asked Questions – Counselors

Counselor Information Form

Staff Leadership Commitment Form

Medical Release Form

Sexual Abuse Response Form

Photography/Story Release Form


Rotary Club - Corpus Christi

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