Past Honorees

The Harvey Weil Sportsman Conservationist of the Year honorees exemplify the tradition of the sportsman giving back to the lands and waters in measures far beyond the pleasures taken.

Conservationists of the Year:

·         Tim Hixon
·         Perry Bass
·         Dr. Red Duke
·         Walter Fondren
·         Bill Negley
·         Tio Kleberg
·         Ed Harte
·         Donal O’Brien, Jr.
·         Dan Pedrotti
·         Ben Vaughan, III
·         Joe H. Engle
·         Anne L. Armstrong
·         Dolph Briscoe, Jr.
·         Peter M. Holt
·         Dick Bartlett
·         Karen Hixon
·         Buddy & Ellen Temple
·         Stuart W. Stedman
·         Blair & Joseph Fitzsimons
·         Berdon Lawrence

The Professional Conservationist of the Year award was created to recognize the distinction between individuals who bring passion and conviction to their personal conservation efforts, and those who have made this endeavor their life’s work.

Professional Conservationists of the Year:

·         Dr. David Schmidly
·         David K. Langford
·         Andy Sansom
·         Dr. Jim Teer
·         Dr. Charles DeYoung
·         Bob Cook
·         Dr. Lynn Drawe
·         Tony Amos
·         Dr. Wes Tunnell, Jr.
·         David Sikes
·         Dr. Fred Bryant
·         Ronnie Howard
·         Dr. David A. McKee
·         Dr. Fidel Hernandez

The Living Legacy award was created in 2014 as a periodic award to recognize individuals who inspire the love of the outdoors and its conservation through art.

Living Legacy award:

·         Al Barnes
·        Herb Booth
·        Kent Ullberg


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